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Welcome to Milano-Bicocca

The Course

SUMA at UNIMIB is embedded in the Master in Materials Science. The postgraduate Master’s course drives the students to learn about the interpretation and design of function vs. structure relationships in a wide class of materials, providing an underlying basis for understanding principles, applications and entrepreneurial aspects of nanotechnology.

In order to allow for an individual specialisation, the program provides a broad choice of courses on specific classes of materials and their function-related structures. Besides technical knowledge, the program also focuses on acquiring competencies related to research skills and scientific communication.

University of Milano-Bicocca (UNIMIB) offers a background in materials chemistry and physics and, in partnership with industry, skills in technology and nanotechnology of semiconductors, polymers, ionic conductors, and materials for photonics. UNIMIB has strong industrial connections and trains students intensively in research skills, innovation transfer, entrepreneurship and interactions with industry.

Since 1998 the University has built the future, turned its district around, and trained young students to become informed adults ready for the real world.

Through our broad and rich educational offerings, we aim to allow students to find their real vocation, advance their own interests, take a critical look and acquire skills and a solid know-how to build their profession. Excellent teaching, excellent research, and high quality service place focus on the individual, as the pillars of a modern, future-oriented university.

Our university teaches its students to seize the world’s opportunities and not to be frightened to confront them and put themselves out there. It is an inclusive university which shares, respects and protects diversity, as one of its main values. Bicocca is a leader in local and international cultural development.

Student life

UNIMIB is a young, dynamic and multidisciplinary university, which in the space of ten years has created an extensive network that includes many world-famous universities, research centres and top corporations. The student life at the international campus is vibrant and rich in opportunities. ESN Milano Biccoca organises many events for the international community at the university.

The University also promotes development of activities, events and projects for cultural growth. The Library, in collaboration with other University facilities, supports the University in “third mission” initiatives and organises meetings to promote scientific culture, workshops for schools, book presentations, exhibitions and concerts open to citizenship as part of the CuriosaMente review – Cultural events in the Library.

Moreover, inside the University there is a choir and two orchestras: the BicOrchestra, an amateur symphony orchestra, and the Ensemble of guitars. Participation is open to students, teachers, technical-administrative staff, former students but also to people outside the university.

Finally, as part of the Between University project for the acquisition of transversal skills, the music area is dedicated to listening and practising music. The possibilities range from participation in concerts and shows, to singing and instrumental music lessons.

Contact Details

SUMA local Coordinator
Professor Alberto Paleari

The University of Milano-Bicocca,
20126 Milano