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Welcome to Montanuniversitaet Leoben (MUL)

The Course

At MU Leoben, SUMA is part of MSc-Studies in PROCESS & PRODUCT. The Master’s programmes at MUL expand on the specialist knowledge learned in the Bachelor’s programmes, giving a more in-depth expertise and ending with a Master’s thesis. SUMA graduates will receive the academic title “Diplomingenieur”.

The decision on the award of the academic title will be issued in both English and German. The corresponding international academic title is “Master of Science”. Click here for more information about SUMA at MU Leoben.

Montanuniversitaet Leoben (MUL) is specialised in the field of mineral resources, metallurgy and material sciences. The research and education profile is set along the value chain from mineral deposits to production processes, to product design and recycling of end of life products. The university has a high expertise in mining, metallurgy and materials.

Student life

There’s a lot going on in Leoben outside university life. Festive activities and events for students include the LEMusic-Night, when Leoben’s clubs and bars are turned into small event stages, or major concerts at Leoben’s main square. A highlight in Leoben’s event calendar is the Gösser fair [Gösser Kirtag]: thousands of visitors from near and far come to see the longest “fair strip” in Austria and enjoy a glass of beer in the Gösser beer tent.

Water, fun and relaxation
The water experience world “Asia Spa” combines fun and relaxation in a unique way. Visitors enjoy the synthesis of sports, fun and fitness on one hand and complete relaxation and health/beauty treatments on the other. The area comprises 45,000 m² and is only a few minutes walk from the city centre and university campus. Also special discount exists for Montauniversitaet Leoben students when you want to have a membership which costs 35 Euros per month.

Shopping and culture
Shopping has been elevated to a new dimension with the “LeobenCityShopping” (LCS). Right in the city centre and built within the historic walls of a former Dominican monastery, shopaholics will find a wide range of stores, as well as an assortment of cafés and restaurants in an area of 20,000 m².  Under the slogan “7 rails into the past”, 2,000 years of city, regional and mining history are reviewed in the city’s “MuseumsCenter”. The art gallery [Kunsthalle] is located in the same spacious building, where special annual cultural and historical exhibitions have attracted thousands of visitors for more than a decade.

Contact Details

SUMA local Coordinator
Asst. Prof. Stefan Steinlechner