Become a Sustainable Materials Engineer

Tuition fees vary depending on the selected track. More information will be given as you explore the different tracks in the homepage tab “Programme” > “Programme paths & fees”.

Please note that the suggested fees correspond to the academic year 2023-2024, and might vary slightly for the academic year 2024-2025. Fees might also increase in case of late graduation (after two years of study).


The programme might be able to offer a few partial scholarships (AVSA grants) offered by EIT Raw Materials to the best-ranked students. The AVSA scholarship is a partial scholarship up to a total of EUR 15,000 for the full 2-year programme. Tuition fees are not included in the scholarship. The grant is only paid after the first semester of studies and upon completion of 12 ECTS. Acceptance to the SUMA program does not guarantee that the applicant will receive a scholarship.

Important: Please keep in mind that an AVSA grant is insufficient to cover your living and study costs in Europe, so you must have additional financial resources, which are also needed to prove financial solvency to migration authorities for visas and residence permit requests.

Therefore, we encourage applicants to search for scholarships through local and international organisations before applying to our master’s program. More funding opportunities are available at each university based on academic performance after the first year of study.

Living Costs

Students are responsible for covering living costs during their stay, including accommodation, equipment, consumables, health and travel insurance, third-party liability insurance and student union fee (where applicable).

Living expenses in Europe might exceed those in your home country, so it is crucial to ensure you have an adequate budget to cover your costs during your study period. As a broad reference, students should anticipate monthly living expenses of approximately 1,000€. More detailed information regarding living costs in specific countries can be found in the following links:






Please contact the housing offices of the universities to check the offer and receive administrative support when looking for room in a student residence. Take into account that usually the demand for rooms exceeds the supply, so it’s best to start looking for accommodation several months before your arrival.

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