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Welcome to Grenoble

The Course

The school of industrial engineering and the school of materials provide courses to improve the performance of the new industrial value chains related to material efficiency. Courses are related to multi-criteria material selection, eco-design, sustainable manufacturing, design for disassembly, material recycling, etc.

Lectures include insights in measurement of the environmental, economic and social impacts of the materials, life cycle assessment, material flow analysis, sustainable development/management, etc. New approaches for material efficiency will be illustrated: remanufacturing, additive manufacturing, energy in manufacturing, rare resources recovery, etc.


For over 100 years, Grenoble INP has been gathering renowned engineering schools, close to the industrial world and open to the world. Grenoble INP is a world-class research center in constant movement with 38 laboratories specialised in engineering sciences, preparing technologies of the future related to 5 societal challenges: Energy, Environment, Digital society, Micro and nanotechnologies, Industry: globalisation and innovation.

Grenoble INP as incubator of innovations is a major player in innovation networks in France and around the world. A privileged partner of the industrial world. One of the driving forces behind French research and development involved in world-class platforms and centers such as Minatec, the leading European center for innovation in micro and nanotechnologies, the Minalogic competitiveness clusters (micro and nanotechnologies and embedded software) and Tenerrdis (renewable energies), two Carnot institutes (energies of the future, and software and intelligent systems) and a thematic network of advanced research (Nanosciences at the limits of nanoelectronics).

Grenoble INP, accelerator of careers, offers a diversified range of continuing education programs renowned for the quality of the courses taught, the skills of its stakeholders and for its adaptation and anticipation of business needs. In its six key areas, Grenoble INP trains engineers and executives and relies on its privileged relations with companies and professional branches, constantly adapting its training offer. Thanks to its strong international dimension, Grenoble INP contributes to the development of the competitiveness of French companies.

Student life

Grenoble INP constantly invests in facilities for student cultural, athletic, and volunteer activities. The Maison de Grenoble INP student union opened its doors in 2004. The ESCAPE recreational center opened in 2016.

The ESCAPE recreational center, housed in a brand-new building, is a place where students can come to unwind. ESCAPE offers indoor and outdoor sports and leisure facilities, can be used to host events, and is home to dedicated office space for student clubs as well as a snack bar.

“Our campus life policy is to provide students with places they can mix with people from diverse backgrounds and academic programs,” says Fanny Poinsotte, Assistant Dean for Campus Life, Grenoble INP.

La maison de Grenoble INP student union opened in 2004 and very rapidly became the hub of student volunteer organisations on campus. It houses student club offices, the student government (Grand Cercle), and the Grenoble INP. Located on the University campus, La maison de Grenoble INP student union is where students gather. The cafeteria is open all day long, making it the perfect place for students to hang out between classes and grab a bite to eat, play cards, or sit outside in the sun on the terrace. The Sustainable Development Division created an outdoor recreation area with pétanque and volleyball courts. The rockabilly dance club, poker club, student bands, and other student clubs take full advantage of the space to practice, play, and rehearse.

Finally, the student board is better known as the “Grand Cercle” and organises student events at Grenoble INP. It is one of the largest student bodies in France, with more than 5,000 members. Members of the Grand Cercle are enrolled in Grenoble INP engineering degree programs. The organisation coordinates student activities and strives to create a feeling of belonging for all students through extensive communications campaigns and a busy calendar of student events. The Grand Cercle also runs new-student orientation programs and coordinates the activities of the student governments of each of Grenoble’s schools and other student organisations.

With 30 clubs and societies, Grenoble Institute of Technology boasts a lively student life. Whatever you are into, from sport, to culture, humanitarian action, leisure or entrepreneurship – there is something for you. At Grenoble Institute of Technology, participation to the life of clubs and societies is viewed as an integral part of training.

Contact Details

Local Coordinator
Prof. Peggy Zwolinsky


Grenoble Institute of Engineering
(Institut polytechnique de Grenoble)
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