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Any student with an interest or background in the earth, mining, materials sciences and engineering (including product related activity) is a potential candidate. The Master Programmes in Sustainable Materials look for internationally-orientated and entrepreneurial engineering students, who wish to find innovative solutions in materials engineering.

We seek motivated young high potential individuals that want to take on the challenge of broadening their knowledge base with the aim of innovating the way we see and handle the materials market today. The programme is ideal for students who are fascinated by materials technology and interested in environmental and socio-economic factors, as well as the development of (technological) solutions for specific material and product cycles.

Graduates of this custom-developed programme are truly multi-disciplinary experts in the sustainable management of materials. They benefit a high quality education, get in touch with international experts in the field and enjoy hands-on training during their internship in industry. As a result, they are highly qualified to work in industry or research or to take on policy-making roles in resource efficiency, engineering economy, or recycling and resource recovery.

Industry Opportunities

Forge a career in sustainable raw materials

The SUMA Master programme aims at training scientists with a solid background in chemistry and physics, with competences for designing and tailoring new material systems for specific functions, and with a specific view to the sustainability of processes and technologies in the field of material development.

Main job opportunities are in industries and research centers in Europe working on the development and production of functional materials for advanced applications and high technology, including polymers, insulators, semiconductors, alloys, ceramics, fiber optics, ionic conductors, superconductors, and materials for photonics.

In this context, the Master student profile is tailored for creating highly valued future leaders to be employed in positions of responsibility in managing advanced material design, production processes and material qualifying protocols in high tech firms, material diagnostics and analysis in industries and research centres, and material development projects and scientific research projects in the field of material science and technology innovation.

Alumni Testimonials

Our Master’s programme creates highly valued future leaders in the field of advanced sustainable materials. Read on to learn about our inspiring alumni and their success stories.

Chiara's story

“The aspect I appreciated most about this Master is the fact that, as it’s structured, it enables you to approach the main subject of sustainability from two different point of view. During the first year of classes at the University of Trento I received a very good technical training in material science that gave me a solid basis to approach the second year at INP Grenoble, where I studied more the management part.

“The six-month internship was a great experience: I had the opportunity to work in a company producing metal powder and very concerned in eliminating dangerous elements from their compositions. In Grenoble, I also had the opportunity to take part in a project on batteries recycling where I dealt with the life cycle assessment of them.

“Moreover, I always worked in an international environment where I developed my intercultural communication skills.

“The programme is challenging, it requires hard work and devotion, but for sure it is a great opportunity to have a global formation and an experience that is important and meaningful.”

Francesco's story

“I choose to enrol in the SUMA Master’s programme because I’m convinced that in order to innovate in the industrial world, beside the technical knowledge, entrepreneurial skills are fundamental. Also, I want to help steer the industry towards a more sustainable growth.

“I studied in the Sustainable Materials Track, spending the first year at the University of Trento – Italy – and the second one at INP Grenoble – France. In the first year I deepened my knowledge in material science and characterisation, while in the second year I had the opportunity to apply it in fields of materials efficiency, learning how to perform a life cycle assessment (LCA) and the methodology behind eco design.

“I concluded the Master with a six-month internship in Luxembourgish company, in which I prepared my Master thesis. It was a great occasion to bring what I learned in the classrooms to the real world, trying to solve concrete problems.

“Beside the educational aspects, the SUMA Master also gave me the opportunity to live in another country, facing different cultures and behaviours. This mobility enabled me to learn how to effectively work with people from different cultures and pursue a common goal. It is, in my opinion, another strong point in the growth towards becoming an entrepreneur of tomorrow.”

Denis's story

‘’What appealed most to me about this programme was the opportunity to combine my thesis with a six-month internship in France. After finishing the first year of the programme at KU Leuven I travelled to France to study five months at Grenoble INP. I finished the programme with a six-month internship at TRIMET Aluminium SE in Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne.

In the summer of 2018 I was appointed President of EIT RawMaterials Alumni – a new organisation bringing together professionals, students and entrepreneurs in the raw materials sector. 

“Ultimately we want the EIT RawMaterials Alumni to complement the workings of the EIT RawMaterials KIC (Knowledge Innovation Community). In that regard, we will focus on enabling our members to build lasting professional connections in a more informal setting.

“Up to now our board put a lot of care in nailing down the vision, mission and three year strategic objectives that will get us there. To me, it was very important to get this right as it will form the foundation for our successors to build upon. Today, I’m delighted that we can go into the new year with a clear agenda of activities and services we offer to our members. Therefore I look forward to seeing our members and friends from the EIT again at our activities in the near future.’’

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